About Me

I am a self taught artist, and have learned from many greats along the way. Don’t be blinded by the pink, This street cat never lost its claws. I grew up a drunk gutter punk, a beach bum,an artist, an actress, and stoner metal head, and loving bohemian free spirit. I am a flower child, and a trained martial artist with years of dance experience. I lived a happy tough life in the street and never stopped fighting for my dreams. I worked my ass off to get to where I am today and its not very far, but Perfect to me.I have always been a non conformist, and fought authority when necessary. I love to travel, learn, and share knowledge, stories, and laughter. I live life to the fullest of my capabilities. I wear what I want and wherever I want. I dress for my mood and have a magical collection of clothes. I make many of them myself. I am obsessed with getting dressed every day and and scoring awesome clothes, and props. I love lipstick, thick black cat eyes, and fake lashes.I believe in faeries. I treat everyday like an adventure with my awesome boyfriend. He believes, like me, that there is nothing more fun then going on adventures and having epic nights with strangers. We have fun! I start every day with coffee. When I am bored I pour myself a glass of red wine, turn on loud music, dance around, play dress up, and take photos. I change outfits a lot. Music is my life and must be present at all times. That’s why my boyfriend is a guitar player. I love to cook and bake, and throw themed parties. I’m not a serious person and am ALWAYS having fun an laughing.

Life is too short to let people rob you of your fun and creativity. Live your life to the fullest, you only get one. If you are wasting yours hating on fools, I feel for you, well if I had the time. Get a hobby losers. Fall in love. You can be anything you want to: a club kid, beach bum, a fairy, gothic lolita, gypsy, a rocker……Life is your stage and your playground, enjoy! I am also a religous Iron Maiden fan! xoxo .I dress for me, I undress for you. I find weird very comforting!

If you don’t like my fire then don’t come around!

I love Lazy long summer days, and cozy cold winter nights.Spring is so sexy.Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Obsessions: Tea, Coffee, lingerie, flowers,60s bombshell style, Vintage Glamour, magazines,makeup, and getting dressed every day. Tights, Socks, anything Victorian, corsets, light bondage, Stuffed Animals, Lolita, backpacks,lolipops, Cute shit., Red Wine, cheese, Yogurt,Green smoothies, fruit, Betty page, John Waters, Singing, dancing, huge 711 cups filled with soda, film, straws, cups, drinks, pjs, magazines, cartoons, vintage surf-skate culture, tiki bars, shabby sea towns, ports, pirates, old ships, boardwalks, giant pizza slices, beer, and the beach.